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Originally built for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (circa 1932), which ceased operating in about 1982, Mountain View Manor has been lovingly renovated to capture the splendour of its locality.

Gary Banks had always liked the historic old building and it took a call from an estate agent to set the ideas flowing. There was no question, with the gorgeous situation and beautiful views, it would make the ideal guest house.

The transfer took place in November 2008 and the co-owner’s house, occupied by Margaret and Victor Banks, and the two self-catering flats were built by March 2010. Margaret and Victor, who are the resident co-owners of Mountain View Manor moved into their new house in July 2010.

The transformation of the main building began in November 2010 with several internal walls being moved to create a flowing living space between the living areas and the room suites. Reinvigorated with new life, the radically transformed guesthouse was opened just prior to the National Arts Festival in 2012 to full bookings.